Sunday, January 16, 2011


So it's been like a month almost since I blogged last. I don't think I've gone that long in a while. So I thougt I'd update on life a little bit. Try to post some pictures either now or later since I think all the recent photos are on phones.

Well nothing new for Isaiah, still the same thing, working. They haven't changed him back to rotating shifts, so I'm praying the keep the one shift thing going. Cause I LOVE IT.

Riley is now in Primary! He had a hard time the first sunday. He wouldn't let go of me until he went to class. And now he's fine, still says he wants to go to Nursery but he doesn't go. I can't believe he's a sunbeam! Only a couple more months and he'll be 4! Crazy! But he's good. Christmas was fun for him. Santa brought him some cool toys! It was fun having him really understand and be excited about Santa. New Years he stayed up the whole time! Not surprising, my kids only go to bed cause I make them. Haha.

Kaylynn is 1 of 2 little kids in nursery. Yep, all but 2 of them graduated up to primary, and it's just her and another little girl named maddie. Today she was all alone. Sad, but I'm sure she still enjoys it. She really enjoyed Santa as well. So fun. And she also stayed up on new years. She tells me something new everyday that I've never heard her say before. She's getting so big TOO fast!

Both the kids are in daycare for about 5 hours 2-3 days a week. They do well with it. Some days it's harder for Kaylynn to go, but they really do well surprisingly.

I am working at The Nail Shoppe in Price. It's been great. I love it there. Plus I've been doing boutique parties on the side. So things are getting better for me. I've only had 1 really slow week, and I've got i think 5 stable clients or now. So a month in and 5 clients, no terrible right? My boss Pam is the best, she's been helping me learn new things too, I'm very grateful to her and her daughter Jill! They are great to work with and for. And last thursday I finally recieved my license, the actual paper in the mail. Took like a month! So now i can get those good discounts! :D

Christmas was spent at my parents, it was fun. The kids had a ball. New years was spent here in Price, with Isaiah's family. We played games almost all night long. :D Both the kids did great.

So far with it being almost 3 weeks into 2011 things have been better. I've set some attainable goals and resolutions. I stress the word ATTAINABLE. :D

I'm working at losing 50 lbs, and my attainable goal is 10 lbs a month til kaylynns 1st birthday. so it makes it much better.

Starting up the habit of writing in my journal and reading my scriptures every day. so far, not the best , but I'm getting there.

The most importnant on to me is going to the temple EVERY month!

I hope this year is better then the last and things just keep looking up!