Saturday, October 8, 2011

meeting president bush

Yes this is real picture not an edited picture or a cardboard cutout of president bush, like my mom thought! Isaiah was lucky enough to be working and was asked a while ahead of time to be on president bush's security detail when he came off the tavaputs ranch up above east carbon from hunting. This is Isaiah at the air port with him and getting to shake his hand and meet him. He said the he is a nice guy and that secret service told him he is a very impatient guy. He did get an elk but not a deer. Isaiah didn't even tell me about any of it until he got home on break and showed me the picture! What an opportunity for him!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First day back

Ah well today was my first day back to work. It started out a little rough. First I had a doc appt at the dermatologist, which was a joke. All the guy did was give me perscription after perscrption saying here this may help it may not. But go ahead and try. yeah that went well.... As soon as i finished there I got a call from Isaiah saying that he was taking Riley to his dad to get a strep test done, He woke up this morning and was throwing up not long after I left. Lo and behold Riley DOES have strep and I don't know where he got it from but he is acting better and playing like normal, just not eating and he is now on antibiotics. Please pray that no one else gets it.

As for my first day back to work it went well. It wasn't too busy which I was grateful for cause once I got home I just crashed. I wasn't in too much pain but I sure was wiped out. Still am even though I'm blogging! I wasn't able to do any gel toes or pedicures, and I don't plan on it for another couple of weeks, until it doesn't hurt to bend at the waist. haha! So not terrible! I think I'm more worried about tomorrow. It's my first day alone with the kids since my surgery. I can not lift them for another 2 weeks so I hope tomorrow goes smoothly with Isaiah going back to work. I'm a little scared but I think I'll be okay. Pray for me and wish me luck!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Appendix out

Well from the complaint blog from the other night at 1 am the pain never went away. I woke up Isaiah at 5 am for a blessing and then not 15 minutes later we were headed to the er. I finally found out the problem all along as to why I've had stomach pain over the years,My appendix was slowly enlarging. I guess none of the doctors thought of that one. So anyway arounc 7 am I went back for a CT scan with a contrast dye in it. It showed that my appendix was 11 cm, I think it was like doulbe the normal size one should be. So by 9 am I was back in surgery. I was so scared about getting sick after waking up from the anethesia but I didn't. I told them to do whatever possible to make it so I didn't throw up when I woke up. The last thing I remember was moving the the surgery bed and the anethesiologist but something to relax me he said in my IV and asking me is we played rascal flats it would be okay. I said yes and that the song that was playing was God Bless the broken road and that it was mine and my husbands song! he then put the oxygen mask over my face and from there I don't remember waking up in the recovery room at all. I just remember waking up hearing my mom say we'll be back and Isaiah watching MASH on tv. I was pretty out of it from the demorol  and meds, but I am feel so much better. Minus the c02 gas they blew my stomach up with and the site pain. So I'm okay and I am SO grateful that we finally found out the problem!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stomach pain

So here I am at 1:15 in the morning writing a post to tell all about my pain I'm in. Yes i'm sorry but my husband is sleeping and so is everyone else I could talk to about it so I'm blogging about it.

It all started clear back in 2004, the very first night I was alone at college I had all night stomach pain. Didn't know what it was, went away by the morning. It comes and goes whenever it feels like it. Ibuprofen makes it worse, or makes my stomach hurt in the first place. I can take a high dosage of pain meds and not have it help. I can be prescribed a narcotic and have it not help. I've had my galbladder tested and ultrasounded. I've been checked for a gluten intolerance, I've been checked and rechecked over and over and no answers for 7 freaking years. All I know is that it just comes and sometimes goes away with pain meds, most of the time I just have to ride it out for over 12 hours.. I'm going on 12 in the next 45 minutes of it still not going away.

I am plain miserable and so I can't sleep can't eat, and just over all hurt.. I really wish I knew what the problem was, but I can't find any doctor that can figure out the problem. But some day I hope this will go away, some day before I die or the 2nd coming comes...UGH Thanks all for listening!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long overdue Update

Okay to say the lease I have neglected my blog terribly! TERRIBLY! My excuse is that I had a smart phone for quite a few months and so I didn't get on the computer as much. So need to say... I don't have a smart phone anymore and will try harder to update the good ol' blog

LOLRiley is getting taller and smarter every day. He is learning his letters and numbers and how to write them and recognize them. He can write his name and Kaylynn's all by himself. He does ask for help when he wants to write my name or Isaiah's. But he always tells me that 'A' is for mommy. :D lol He loves to play mariokart and my DS. I try to limit his time as much as I can cause I don't want him to be a junkie! lol. He is always telling me that he wants to go to school like his friend Zeke. So I know come next year for Kindergarten he'll do great!

Now Kaylynn, or as my dad likes to call her Lynnie, and it's definately sticking cause every other member of my family is calling her that too. She is now 2 years old almost 2 and 1/2! She is quite the big girl. Very independent. She isn't potty trained yet but we're getting there. She is quite ariculate though. She talks up a storm and is always concerned for everyone else and telling us all she loves us constantly. :D She loves to get herself undressed and dressed, plus wash her own hair and body in the shower or bath! She's much more independent then Riley ever was. She is just out sweet little princess and is doing great!

Both kids have done great over the summer with going to Daycare. They enjoy it quite a bit which i'm glad! Riley also played baseball this summer and loved it, Kaylynn was jealous. Isaiah played softball for the sheriff's dept and assisted the UHP team as well this summer. He enjoyed that too. Isaiah and I have been working and playing with our children. We didn't do much else for the summer. We did have a Palmer family reunion, which was more like the Bryant family reunion, cause the only family besides Isaiah's siblings that came was his mom's 2 brothers. But over all it was good. We did have pictures taken of the kids that I will post and we just did some family pictures but I will post those when Tasha has edited and gotten me copies! I really promise to try harder to keep this thing updated!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 4

On our final day before heading home we hit Disneyland in the morning and only got to ride 4 rides cause the lines were so long. We let Riley choose which ones he wanted to ride. The 4 rides were... The Matterhorn, Pirates, Space Mountain, and then Thunder Mountian. Yep all 3 coasters. He loved them.
After lunch we headed to Huntington Beach to see Isaiah's Aunt and Uncle, Robert and Janet Bryant, his mothers brother. They took us to the pier and there was a surfing competition going on and also a guy built this huge sand castle for his fiance to propose to her! It was cool. After walking the pier we headed to the state beach rather then the city beach. We played in the ocean and the sand and the kids loved it. Isaiah rode on a boogie board. The waves were HUGE! like 15 ft by the time we left. Robert and Janet brought things to BBQ.. well roast. We had hotdogs and smores. :D Chips and watermelon too. For Kaylynn everything was sand covered and she really didn't mind.
After we got back from the beach, Robert showed me his 1999 Corvette!! With less then 19,000 miles on it, and has never been rained on. It was awesome. He took me for a ride, then he let ME AND ISAIAH DRIVE IT! I loved it. He even told me to stomp the gas once to squeal the tires! It was awesome. :D
So overall our vacation was a success! Kids had loads of fun as did we. I'm very thankful my sister went with us it made it all that much easier. Hopefully we can go again in the future!

Disneyland Day 3

So technically we mostly hung out in California Adventure on the 3rd day. Isaiah got me to ride Screamin' California. ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. It was okay, and I can say I don't know that I would want to ride it again. He told me I wouldn't feel the loop but I sure did feel the loop. So that was my first roller coaster that I rode with a loop in it. I like certain coasters, like space mountain and thunder mountian and the matterhorn in Disneyland but bigger ones freak me out. We also rode the Grizzley river run which is a white water rapid ride. Not big but fun. I got soaked both times I rode it. The first time Eden and I rode it 3/4 of the people on it were from Utah. a newlywed couple from up north and 2 guys from St. George who happen to know the brother of our cousin's new wife! It was interesting. :D We also rode the HUGE ferris wheel and could almost see the ocean (if not for the smog) and we could see our hotel, but it was right across the street from the entrance.
We were going to see the World of Color show this night but they didn't have any more tickets :(
I was quite bummed. But it was still fun.