Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day Part 2

Kaylynn chewing on toy from Grandma and
Grandpa Palmer.

Riley got this punching toy from my sister in
law Valynda.

Kaylynn playing with more toys in her cute
Santa outfit. :)

Riley going crazy opening gifts from EVERYONE.

Valynda helping Kaylynn open her gifts.

Kaylynn got this ball from Valynda.

Valynda helping Kaylynn open presents.

A toy for Riley from Maggie and Justin.

Riley opening more gifts.

Riley opening a presesnt from Grandma and
Grandpa Palmer on Katie's lap.

We celebrated Christmas Day with Isaiah's family this year. It was crazy, loud, and fun! Riley got tons of toys from everyone. Kaylynn got clothes and toys. I got a Manti Temple plaque, and a natvity set, and a gift card to Penny's. Isaiah got a set of jumper cabels and a additional rachet set, I think something else but I'm unsure. We really enjoyed celebrating Christmas with the Palmer family. Everyone was there but Sarah one of Isaiah's older sisters. Joe and Angela came from Cedar for the weekend. It was overall tons of fun. We also read the story of Christ's birth and did a great family home evening lesson with it. I really enjoyed it. The only downfall was Isaiah had to work, but he was able to stay with the family unless he got a call. It was a great Christmas!!

Christmas Day Part 1

This is Kaylynn's piano from santa.

A Lionel Train set from my parents, my dad
has one that is much older and so riley wouldn't
whine to play with his they got him this one. :)

Isaiah opening a gift.

Me opening my gift from Isaiah.

Kaylynn opening (with help) her gifts.

A pretty dress from mom and dad.

Opening more gifts with help!

Riley loved "helping" everyone open their gifts

We don't know where these movies came from
but they were a gift...Santa maybe does exsist.

Kaylynn attacking Isaiah's gifts.

Riley with his new train set

Riley opening presents.

A car thing from Santa.

Kaylynn attacking her stocking.

A dolly from Santa in her stocking.

A gift from the nursery in Duchesne.

A remote control car from Auntie Kay

More gifts for Riley.
Christmas was different this year at our house. Riley REALLY knew what was going on and that Santa had brought him toys, it was so much fun. But I had to make him wait to open them for 2 hours while Isaiah finished sleeping. He had to work the night before so that part was hard. Kaylynn was part of our family, so we had 2 children for buy for this christmas, and we got to celebrate christmas in our very own home, not a rented place!! YAY! We very much enjoyed ourselves. Kaylynn got tons of clothes a few toys. Riley got tons of toys and a few clothes :) My gift to Isaiah was a new wedding band, he lost his at the apartment we rented here in Wellington like 4 months ago and we never found it when we moved. Isaiah got me an MP3 Player to use whenever plus hook ups to use it in the car! YAY! We really had a good christmas over all. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas with the Evans Family

Unfortunately I forgot my camera over the weekend when we celebrated christmas with my side of the family! We decided to fo to Duchesne before Christmas for money reasons ( which I'm sure everyone understands this time of year). We went up friday afternoon in order to make it to the annual Evans Family "christmas eve" party. This year we weren't able to have it on Christmas eve for many reaons, a big one being that my cousin Budge, his real name is Randall, and his girlfriend KC and their 2 daughters, Monique and Destiny were moving to California the following day for school. So we all got together at my Aunt Stacey's house for the traditional christmas eve meal of hamburgers and shrimp dip! Yep, without fail every year! It is one of the best meals of the season! YUM! Riley had a blast playing with all the young cousins and running all over the place. Kaylynn was very good as well. Also on Friday was my younger sister Eden's 20th birthday! I feel so old! We celebrated that at the party and we had tres leche cake, meaning 3 milk cake. It was Eden's choice, and also ice cream and TONS of goodies.

We had a great time up there, Saturday we took Riley outside and hooked a sled up to the back of a 4 wheeler and took him sledding around the yard. He loved it! It was very cold though so we didn't spend a lot of time out in the snow. My brother and dad went hunting that morning, Isaiah wanted to get some sleep on his days off so he chose not to go, and Jerrmey ended up getting a good size cow elk and was able to fill his tag! Riley really enjoyed looking at the ugly dead thing! YUCK! Also saturday night Kaylynn learned to stand on her head! It is so cute, I'll get a picture of it sometime I hope! She gets on her knees like she's going to crawl then sticks her head down and then puts her feet under her and it's pretty cute! LOL

Sunday afternoon before we headed home we celebrated christmas by opening a few presents with my family. My mom and dad and we had my sister Kaycee for christmas opened up their gifts. Isaiah and I and Riley opened up our few gifts, and Riley helped Kaylynn open hers, and by helped I mean did it for her :) LOL

We all had a very good time and even though I'm sad about not being able to be with my family for Christmas I am grateful that we'll be able to be with Isaiah's Family! Hope everyone has a merry chirstmas! NEXT POST I"LL HAVE PICTURES!!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well Riley decided that he wanted to be like his girl cousins and paint his fingernails. Accept he didn't let Nana do it, he did it himself! Without any one knowing. Luckily he got most of the paint on his hands and hardly any on the pillow he was using as a table! LOL

This was when we were driving home last Friday from my parents house. Riley couldn't stand that the sun was in his face. He kept telling us "the sun is blight" :) So Isaiah said here you go use my hat, and this is what we found. He WAS NOT sleeping underneath, dozy, but not sleeping. He rode like this for probably 20 minutes! IT WAS SO FUNNY.

Riley shooting his first gun :)

This is Riley shooting his first gun! Once he did it he kept wanting to do it! LOL

Thanksgiving Day

All 3 May 2007 kids in my parents bed on
Thanksgiving Day they are pretending to

Daxton and Kaylynn playing on the floor
Thanksgiving Day

For Thanksgiving this year we were at my parents. I went up the sunday before and Isaiah joined me and the kids on Tuesday night! (Thanks to my dad bringing him! :) We had both sides of my family come, the Evans' and the Parry's. It was a VERY full house, but loads of fun. These are the only pictures I got, but we had a great time. Good food, games, and of course talked loads! While in Duchesne, we got to meet my new Aunt Ruth's (Allen's new wife) daughter Brooke and her husband Alan and their daugter Emma. We also got to meet the new addition to the Evans side of the family. Kendra J. Reilley was born the week before on the 18th. It was loads of fun. Kaylynn and Daxton played well on the floor, as long as Kaylynn didn't try to crawl over him. Riley, Dylyn, and Treycin got a picture taken of all 3 of them! The last time there was all 3 of them in a picture was on Dylyn and Treycin's blessing day back in 2007. It was a great holiday and we had tons of fun!