Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 4

On our final day before heading home we hit Disneyland in the morning and only got to ride 4 rides cause the lines were so long. We let Riley choose which ones he wanted to ride. The 4 rides were... The Matterhorn, Pirates, Space Mountain, and then Thunder Mountian. Yep all 3 coasters. He loved them.
After lunch we headed to Huntington Beach to see Isaiah's Aunt and Uncle, Robert and Janet Bryant, his mothers brother. They took us to the pier and there was a surfing competition going on and also a guy built this huge sand castle for his fiance to propose to her! It was cool. After walking the pier we headed to the state beach rather then the city beach. We played in the ocean and the sand and the kids loved it. Isaiah rode on a boogie board. The waves were HUGE! like 15 ft by the time we left. Robert and Janet brought things to BBQ.. well roast. We had hotdogs and smores. :D Chips and watermelon too. For Kaylynn everything was sand covered and she really didn't mind.
After we got back from the beach, Robert showed me his 1999 Corvette!! With less then 19,000 miles on it, and has never been rained on. It was awesome. He took me for a ride, then he let ME AND ISAIAH DRIVE IT! I loved it. He even told me to stomp the gas once to squeal the tires! It was awesome. :D
So overall our vacation was a success! Kids had loads of fun as did we. I'm very thankful my sister went with us it made it all that much easier. Hopefully we can go again in the future!

Disneyland Day 3

So technically we mostly hung out in California Adventure on the 3rd day. Isaiah got me to ride Screamin' California. ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. It was okay, and I can say I don't know that I would want to ride it again. He told me I wouldn't feel the loop but I sure did feel the loop. So that was my first roller coaster that I rode with a loop in it. I like certain coasters, like space mountain and thunder mountian and the matterhorn in Disneyland but bigger ones freak me out. We also rode the Grizzley river run which is a white water rapid ride. Not big but fun. I got soaked both times I rode it. The first time Eden and I rode it 3/4 of the people on it were from Utah. a newlywed couple from up north and 2 guys from St. George who happen to know the brother of our cousin's new wife! It was interesting. :D We also rode the HUGE ferris wheel and could almost see the ocean (if not for the smog) and we could see our hotel, but it was right across the street from the entrance.
We were going to see the World of Color show this night but they didn't have any more tickets :(
I was quite bummed. But it was still fun.

Disneyland Day 2

On our 2nd day in Disneyland we hopped between Disneyland and Calirfornia Adventure a little bit. We went into Disneyland and rode rides..we were definately spoiled with lines from the first day and getting in early. We also went to California Adventure, and Riley discovered he also liked the Tower of Terror! Which I would not go on. We saw a few characters and just had fun.
After dinner I stayed behind at the hotel with the kids so Eden and Isaiah could go ride the Screamin' California and Tower of Terror with out kids in the way and they got kicked out of the park at 8:30 for graduation students to come in. They were 19,000 grad students that night and they kept the park open til 1 am for strictly them, they closed the park at 8:30 to the public.

Disneyland Day 1

Alright I'm going to break up our family vacaction to disneyland into the days to make posts shorter :D
So to start out our trip we drove to St. George Sunday May 15th after Isaiah got off work at 4 pm. We stayed the night at Brenda and Gary's house which was very gracious of them! Thank you! We got up and had left by 9 am Monday morning to head the rest of the way to California. We arrived at our hotel around 3:30 pm and checked in. Got all unpacked, went to dinner and then played in the pool.
Tuesday morning I think we were all awake by 6 am cause of the time change. LOL We had an option with our tickets to get into the park an hour earlier then it opened on one day. So we chose our first day going in. We were able to get into the park by 8 am. it was raining but it didn't stop us. cause it wasn't a bad rain and it wasn't too cold either. It helped to empty the park some too :D We hit all the family rides and most of the rides in Disneyland. Riley loved them all. His favorite he said is Space Mountian. And yes he was tall enough :D

Easter Trip

I know its been months since I updated my blog but with working and such I've been so so busy. So here is a couple of catch-up posts with picture overloads! :D
For Easter we went to St. George to do a family trip with the Evans side of the family. And when I say that I mean my family. LOL. We went down and stayed with Brenda and Gary Carlile and family. We had a ball. The kids especially. We travelled downt he thursday before Easter, and didn't get there until around 5ish... I think. Anyways so we didn't really do much but catch-up with friends and played games.
Friday we went to the Coral pink Sand Dunes over on the other side of Kanab I think it was. We had to go around about way to get to them though, thru the poligamist town of Colorado City... which was weird. But it was awesome. We took a trailer up so we had a place to rest and cook dinner. The kids had a ball playing in the "big sandbox" as we called it. The adults rode 4-wheelers and we jumped them all over the place. Brenda and Gary have a side by side and in the back seat they have 5 point harnesses so the kids got to ride as well :D We only ended up with one minor accident all day. It was my parents and they weren't hurt but the 4-wheeler sure was. it had to be towed back to the campsite. We cooked a dutch oven dinner and then headed home for showers.
Saturday, the women and the men split up that day, and a few familys did as well. My dad, Gary, Isaiah, and my brother Jerrmey went on a trail ride. Me, Tara, Eden, Kaycee, Ciara (K's friend), and the kids went to the rec center in Washington City and went to the pool. My mom and Brenda stayed behind and relaxed at the house. Jason and Justin's familys went to the museum in St. George. But we all enjoyed our day. They did an Easter Egg hunt for the kids that evening as well.
Sunday we just got up and headed home. The kids did fairly well riding in the car too which was surprising :D
Here are all the pictures now if the post wasn't long enough :D