Sunday, July 19, 2009

Evans Family Reunion 09

So the yearly Evans Family Reunion was in the state of Utah this year! YAY! It was held out at Strawberry. It was tons of fun ( and hard work )! But we survived it. I took the kids up to the reunion Friday afternoon, Isaiah couldn't make it he had to work. And we stayed for Friday and most of Saturday to the reunion. Riley loved it up there playing in the dirt and being able to be outside all day. So Friday we didn't really do much, I got to see Daxton for the first time! My brother and sister in laws new 2 week old baby boy. He was so cute. We got to go 4 wheeling and my cousin Justin brought his horse and Riley wasn't scared to ride it, he went twice! Once with me and once with Justin. I got to see my family from Washington. They came down and where there since Thursday. That was great. Saturday was a rush of things. Riley got to paint a shirt, and we put our hand prints on a quilt to be auctioned later that day. Now I know you're thinking how was Isaiah's hand print there if he wasn't up there? I asked Justin to help me out cause I needed a male hand! LOL so he was kind enough to help me out cause I wanted my whole family on there, not just me and my kids. We had dinner and played games! It was fun until I got so stressed out of chasing after Riley and trying to get Kaylynn to sleep and eat but it was too HOT, that I gave up and finally headed home late that afternoon. We did have a blast though!

This is my cousin Shawna after she lost the paint war
while we were painting shirt, it was ALL over in her
hair and on the whole side of her face, it was BEAUTIFUL!

Here is my sweet little daughter, she had just woken
up from her nap and was very happy, this is her first
smile I've caught on my own camera!

This is Riley's shirt that he made with paint. First
we put his name and his hand and a teddy bear
Then I just let him go at it on the bottom!

Here is a picture of out hands on the quilt. Kaylynn's
didn't come out very well so later, and I didn't think
to get a picture again we stuck her foot print down too!

This dirty guy is Riley! LOL He kept throwing sticks
in the fire and because his face got hot he's wipe his
dirty hands on his face! This wasn't even the worst
of it!

This is where Riley is being supervised playing in
the fire to get his dirty face!

He wanted to go for a 4 wheeler ride so bad and a
few weeks ago my dad bought a small helmet for
the kids to wear just for this kind of thing! Isn't
he cute! LOL

Last but not least, this was Friday, and Justin had
just got his horse out to take kids for rides. Riley
and I had just gotten off and Dylyn was getting
ready to go for a ride, so I had to snap a photo!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired little boy...

Okay so this is not the first time this has happened! I actually have another picture of Riley falling asleep in his high chair on my phone, but I haven't figured out how to upload those pictures to the computer yet. But this was taken today. He had been eating a corndog for lunch, and it just got real quite. Isaiah stood up said he was asleep and we managed to snap this picture. It's too funny!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

So today we thought we'd go play in the pool at Isaiah's sisters house. They have a pretty good size pool in their back yard and Riley LOVES to swim. More like be lifted around the pool. LOL I did manage to hang out in the pool too at ine point. Kaylynn was good for maybe 30 minutes. But I got these few shots of the boys having fun in the sun!

Monday, July 6, 2009


2 years old

1 year old


okay so I was stalking blogs and I came across Tara's and I saw what she had done for Dylyn when she turned 2, and I liked it so Tara forgive me for swiping the idea too! You're so creative! Anyway, My little boy turned 2 in May! My baby boy is now my little boy and I can't believe how he's grown. He's so sweet and goes non-stop. He is definately his fathers child. LOL But we love him anyway. He's getting so smart, talking in full sentences, but getting so mouthy! But it's okay, I'm sure it could be worse, but I wouldn't wish that on myself! LOVE YOU RILEY!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July!

Our 4th of July was pretty uneventful. But I did get a few pictures taken! We went up to pleasant valley days in Scofield. It was fun. Riley got to ride a pony and he loved it! I was so surprised because he gets really nervous and cries around big horses, but not this little pony. He had tons of fun! Kaylynn was so good, and is now 2 months old! How sad, my little girl is getting so big, she looked so cute in her little red white and blue outfit!

Riley and Dylyn in that Bath!

Okay, so the weekend before my sister in law Tara had her baby boy Daxton, I went up to Duchesne to visit. I needed to give Riley a bath before I went home cause he was so dirty from playing outside. Dylyn wanted to take a bath too, and so we figured we'd throw them in together and take embarassing pictures of them for when they are teenagers. They had very much fun though!