Thursday, December 23, 2010

Updates...on well everything!

oh life has been crazy over the last few weeks, I'm afraid my blogging has been neglected more so now then ever. Well maybe not ever but bad! I have posted about passing my boards, I sent off for my license 2 weeks ago and I have as of yet to get it in the mail ( THEY ARE SO SLOW! ) The same day I passed my written board I aquired a job! Yep just that fast! It has been wonderful. I got a job at The Nail Shoppe in Price. It's across from the fire station ( so far nothing exciting coming out of that place ). I LOVE it there. Pam the ower is such a great mentor. I am learning new things even coming out of school. Her daughter Jill also works there and she is a great person and I learn a lot from her as well. They have been great to work with. I don't have much of a clientel yet, so please spread the word!!

Isaiah doesn't have to work Christmas this year, thank goodness since we're heading to Duchesne tomorrow for it. I'm excited to see snow! Yeah it's rained here for the past 4 days, and they got over 2 feet in one day over there. 60 miles away is all. UGH

Riley and Kaylynn are now going to Daycare on the days that Isaiah and I both have to work. They are there for max of about 5 hours is all. They love it. They are doing so so much better at it then I thought they would. Kaylynn especially. They are both growing like crazy and getting smarter all the time.

I'm so grateful for this holiday time of year, it makes me stop to pause and see all the blessings I have in my life. For wonderful family and friends, a home, a new job and career. Things have just been wonderful. I put some pictures of the kids that are fairly recent! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Licensed Nail Technician!!

I passed my written exam state board and am now submitting paperwork to get my nail tech license! I took my written exam this morning and only missed 5 questions!!105/110 how great is that! I'm so proud of myself. And now I just submit my paperwork by mailing it in then waiting 2-4 weeks for the license to come! I got a job at The Nail Shoppe also in Price and I start next tuesday! I'm so excited it's going to be great!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It is official! I PASSED the state board practical nail tech exam! I'm so proud of myself and the other 2 ladies who went with me! They passed as well and we all got the same score! LOL That tells me our instructor must be consistant! LOL. Now that that part is over with I have to finish my hours and work on getting ready for the written exam. Hopefully I'll pass that one too. So far with the practice exam workbook I'm at an 84% and you have to get a 75% to pass. On the practical it just said that I got 83 points. 83/100 I think, I would guess. So not too shabby, only problem is they don't tell you what you messed up on, but I can guess quite a few things I messed up on! It was nerve wracking! But I'm glad it's over! YAY FOR ME!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Big day!

Well things have been going well overall for most everything lately. I go to take my state board practical exam next tuesday, I still have to schedule my theory test, but I'm so so nervous. It's not hard but nerve wracking to follow the right steps! I'm over 200 hours now so thats why I can go test, but I still have to do my 300 to be finished! It's gone by extremely fast!

The kids are doing pretty good. Riley had the stomach flu this last week, but luckily it was only a 24 bug. No one else has gotten it, thank goodness. Kaylynn is cutting teeth so she's not feeling the best but she's okay. Isaiah works Thanksgiving this year, but not christmas, so it's alright. We're spending Thanksgiving with Kara and Clint, Isaiah's parents went to Texas to spend it with his sister Sarah.

So overall things are good. Just gearing up for the holidays :D

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pictures of Nails

Well so far school has been great. Been learning new things from what I already knew. So far we've covered Manicures, pedicures, acrylics- sculpting and tips, and uv gel for glitter toes. We haen't done gels on hands yet but I think I figured it out anyway :D Things have been great and I've really enjoyed things. My family has enjoyed reaping the reward of me going to school and being able to get their nails done for free...for now :D But if you still want anything done, give me a call or email me. :D

A set of glitter toes, I didn't get the picture to take well

A gel overlay on nails with glitter

A full set of sculpted Gel with sliver/white tips

A full set of gel over tips with olive green tips

A full set of acylics with dark purple tips

My own nails with acrylic with a pink/purple tip

A full set of acrylic with black tips.

A Manicure

A scuplted full set with white tips.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Glitter Toes!

Alright so if anyone is interested in having glitter toes done it is 20$ a set! I hae a uv lamp and gel and they are so much fun! I love them! I can do parties to if you want to get a bunch of friends together! For a party is 20$ per person accept for the person throwing the party then it's 10$ and if you bring over 10 friends its FREE! I am willing to travel for parties so let me know!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another update without photos..

So for those of you who haven't looked at my blog for a while I'm in school. Doing a nail Tech program. so far it's been tons of fun. Been kind of hectic with my schedule and kids and getting them a babysitter. I'm so grateful for my in law! So far we've done manicure, pedicures, and some acrylics. Tomorrow we're doing gel toes! I'm so excited for that part. It's been great fun. I'm much happier, and I feel like I'm doing awesome in my class. We are doing clients so if you want something done, speak up whenever and I'll let you know what days. So far things have been good as far as clients go. Everything is free if its done in class, cause that's the only time I can count hours unless it's for a dance or something. Otherwise I do charge for product, but it's not bad! I do have to say though that thru all this being gone every night, Kaylynn is sleeping better and acting better when I'm gone! It's SO nice. I do miss my kids but it's been good for some adult time! But life keeps going on with whatever! I will soon get some photos up of some nails and such that I've been doing. I'm getting better at sculpting, and everything else has been easy. I'm over 50 hours already, that means only 250 to go by the end of december! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Generations

So this last sunday, AFTER my aunt sherra had gone back home, my aunt Donna and aunt Karen decided to bring my great grandmother down from Logan to see her daughter, my grandmother since she was moved into a retirement home a few weeks ago. It was total surprise. Not for all her kids and grandkids but for her. We had a BBQ at my parents house, and while there we took 5 generation pics. Cause 5 generations doesn't happen very often! These were all that was there to take 5 generation pics, but still, it's good to have!

Long weeks and busy days

Well the last few weeks have been WAY long and have started to get very busy. 2 weekends ago Riley got sick with some sort of stomach bug and was vomiting and dry heaving for 6 hours, and I happened to be at my parents, no so fun on both accounts. But I was grateful for my parents who helped me and to my dad and my uncle Carl who hold the preisthood and could give both me and Riley blessings to help. Kaylynn had a really hard time with it cause I tried to not touch her get to close to her or anything after I had been with Riley I didn't want to pass the virus. She was not happy and she was so tired, Tara managed to get her to sleep and since then she LOVES Tara. Would rather be held by her then me when she's around. I think it's nice :D

I didn't start school on the 30th like I thought I started the 7th. Still good, but I was sad we started so late. But this first week of school has been busy and fun. Crazy with getting babysitters for what night, and all that, but I'm grateful for in-laws who are willing to help us out with the kids! I did my first manicure last night, and gave one to Tara today! They are fun and easy, but I can't wait to get into acrylics and gels. :D But once I can start taking clients you'll be hearing from me!!

As far as the kids go, they are both good Kaylynn never got the virus, out of all of us. Isaiah got a cold and was down, on his days off though, and I was sick this week, still not feeling the greatest, but we'll see how things go. Riley is definately being a good sport about going to grandmas or Austy's for the evening, and Kaylynn is doing much better at it as well. Isaiah is now on a 6 month trial of 8am-6pm right now, which has been HEAVEN! I love being able to see him every night and have him home with the kids. I hope they decide to keep it, and not go back to rotating through the shifts. :D :D As for me, not much other then kids during the day, school at night. It's fun and good. I'm doing Weight Watchers with Tara and thus far I have lost 10 lbs and I don't know how many inches off my waist, but I'm feeling healthier!

Monday, August 23, 2010


I can't believe that school starts next Monday!! I'm so excited but nervous all at the same time! If you don't already kno I'm going thru the nail tech program at CEU. We've had a few bumps in the road as far as finanical aid goes, but otherwise I'm ready to get this thing done! If you want to help me out by being a model, feel free to call me! Or call the Cosmotology Dept at CEU once school starts and make an appt with me!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm grateful

So lately I've been trying toget my meds leveled out and the right one and because of it I've seemed really negative. Being a mom and wife is not always the easiest job in the world, and you give up a lot of things for your kids and husband. But I wouldn't want to change being a mom for the world. So I just wanted to list all the things I'm grateful, worldly and non-worldly.

1. My wonderful husband of almost 5 years.

2. My son Riley, no matter what he does he makes me smile.

3. My daughter Kaylynn, even though she is so clingy sometimes, she is so funny and sweet.

4. The Gospel.

5. Quiet time.

6. Movies in the car.

7. Family to help me thru my hard times.

8. In laws who accept me and are always there for me.

9. Hand me downs.

10. Isaiah's job, and knowing that there will always be a need for an officer somewhere.

11. Doctors.

12. My own bed

13. being able to go back school, and for family willing to help watch my children so I don't have to pay for daycare.

14. Dr. Pepper, if I don't have one a day I think I'd die! lol

15. Riley when he is being a lovey guy for the day, he's not so hard to handle.

16. Prayer.

17. Priesthood.

18. Being able to shower alone with no interruptions. :)

19. Owning my own home.

20. Having a vehicle to get around with.

21. A great ward and Bishop

22. Great friends.

23. For the days I do get to excersize.

24. Enough money to pay the bills.

25. My wonderfully busy, crazy life!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Elk Farm

So on our way up to Yellowstone we stopped in Whitney, ID where my Uncle Eldon lives. He's actually by great uncle, cause he's my grandma's brother. :D but he owns an elk farm and we always love to stop and see the elk. We really wanted to stop so Isaiah's sister Kara and her family could see them, and so the kids could see them too. It was really neat to see all the big bulls that he's got this year, he sai one of them could reach over 500 points, and that was 2 weeks ago! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him.

Isaiah has always wondered what my Uncle Eldon does with the antlers when he cuts the antlers off in the winter before he lets them fall off. Cause he's got loads of antlers in his back shed and such too, well I finally asked my uncle what he does with them. He told me that he cuts them off and then sticks the bulk of them in a deep freeze. Why you ask? He does this and send them to a 3rd world country where they grind them up and use them in medicine, because something about them have great healing properties or something or other..I can't really remember. But I thought that was so cool, and very giving.

The big bulls, he has smaller ones but they were farther away and harder to get pictures of.

For as long as I can remember my uncle has had a sort of domesticated cow elk. She is very good around people and you can pet her and touch her and even sit on her! She was bottle fed as a baby so she's really friendly. Kara's family really enjoyed that part, and we were even able to feed her some carrots. It as alot like a horse but better! LOL Kaylynn was a little scared but Riley loved every minute of it.

At one point she did get out, but all she wanted was the tree leaves to eat. It was kind of like rounding up cattle to get her back inside the fence, no harm done. :D

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 4 of yellowstone, and LOTS of other pictures there!

Day 4 was alot of driving, but still good. We started out the day by going to Yellowstone Lake. It was HUGE! We went to what as called the "thumb" of the lake. It was only I think an 1/8 is what I was told of the whole lake! It was so pretty and so big! But where we were was so neat cause there were geysers in the water just behind the shoreline of the lake. It was sure neat to see. It was odd though thinking there was a hot water geyser there in the lake. There were also very hot geysers all along the other side of the boardwalk away from the shoreline. Some were so blue they looked like pools..but they sure weren't! We drove all the way alone one side of the lake to make our loop. We stopped at a spot to see if joe could fish and catch something, but alas none! As we continues our loop we stopped at what was called the Mud Volcano. It was a small muddy geyser/crater thing. Cause it bubbles and is hot muddy water like a geyser, but it's a volcano that blew out, not up, but just exploded all around it. I wouldn't want to be around if it ever did it again. Since our site seeing ended earlier then we thought we headed back to the firehole swimming hole for the rest of the afternoon. It was tons of fun. I forgot my camera yet again. I'll have to see if I can get the video Kara took of us jumping in the river and riding the rapids back to the swimming hole. Austin's camera is waterproof and he took a video while jumping in, might have to get that one too. Over all the whole thing was a blast! Sorry for the picture overload on this post... :D :D

I had to get a sign of Montana, proving the I really did go there. :) I missed the one as we came over the Idaho/Montana border, so I got this one coming out of Yellowstone, WY into West yellowstone, montana. :D

Yellowstone lake

The kids and I on the walkway by the lake.

They was an extremely hot geyser. Looks like pool water.. but it's not!

The whole family that went to yellowstone!

Another geyser in the lake just above the surface.

Yellowstone lake.

A geyser in the water.

Shadows..sorry. But Isaiah and I infront of the "thumb" of yellowstone lake.

A geyser right by yellowstone lake.

Riley at Yellowstone Lake.

I had to take this picture of the grate. It was in the parking lot of the mud volcano. There was HOT steam rising from it and you could hear the water bubbling down underneath. The heat and sulfer just melted it! It was neat.

This one was called the Dragons cave or something like that. It smelled awful but was pretty neat to listen to and see. Cause the water kept being pushed out and in and it sounded like a dragon.. it really was neat besides the smell.

This was the Mud Volcano. It smelled AWFUL!

So the story on this guy was on during our fourth day at yellowstone. We had stopped for lunch along the yellowstone river, and right as we pulled up to a picnic area he charged right thru, right past Kara and Clints car and the rest of us were oblivious! A lady at the next table come over and told us he had be restless trying to get away from the river cause he's been there so long, and so he just ran right thru just as we pulled up. It was scary, we stayed in and close to the cars til he moved farther away.

The petrified tree. You wouldn't believe how many people there were...

Another place around Mammouth.

Isaiah and I at Mammouth Hot Springs Terrace.

This is a picture of roaring moutain. I forgot it in one of my other posts!

A geyser around the Old Faithful walkway. Angela said that when it erupts it goes up and out to the sides.

Isaiah took this picture for Angela's dad. :) she told us that he always had to stop and take pictures of the flowers...

I had to take a picture of the stairs under the stairs. Before they put in the metal staircase they had cut steps out of the rock and had rope ladders that they used to get down! SCARY! But still neat to see!

on our way down the staircase to see the lower falls from the opposite side. It was 328 steps!

On our way back up the stairs!

A waterfall we stopped at up some canyon, I don't remember which one.. I think Firehole Canyon.


This is the infamous elk. He was always in the same spot every day just hanging out. I got some good pictures of him. :)

Kaylynn and I at the lower falls the first day

Isaiah likes these kind of pictures, but Kaylynn was asleep and he was holding her so he couldn't stand behind, so we had Austin do it. :)

A few of us at Geyser Basin.

I took a picture of Kaylynn and Riley demanded a picture of him too!

Riley after demanding his picture be taken. He was watching a movie.

I know I've been to Idaho a thousand or more times, but since this was a special trip I wanted to take pictures of the signs of each state we entered. :D

On our way up to West Yellowstone Montana!

We stayed at my Aunt Donna's house the sunday before we went to Yellowstone, and my Great grandma Golightly lives with her. This is my dad's grandma. I have a 5 generation picture with her when Riley was a baby, but I wanted a picture of her with my kids! Riley wouldn't cooperate, but oh well!