Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kaylynn's Baby Blessing

Kaylynn Evalina Palmer was given her name today. She was blessed at 9 am this morning in our ward here in Wellington. It went great. Her little dress fit perfect! I was afraid of it being too big cause she's so petite still but it wasn't. She was perfect during sacrament. Didn't cry at all until like the last 10 minutes and by then she was just hungry. Isaiah did a wonderful job. We had support from family on both sides. Had a great luncheon afterwards. Everything just went so great!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Museum Fun!

Okay so to start, I have so many pictures and I can't add half of them cause it takes like 20 minutes to load just the few that I did! But I would love to! Sorry! So we went to the CEU dinosuar museum on friday and Riley LOVED it. He had a blast. We walked around the whole thing. They had lots of dinosaurs to look at and Riley got to play in the kid area and 'look' for dinoaur bones. They even had a live cage place that had a soft shelled turtle and an alligator. There was even another place that had two lizards. And on Fridays at 4:00 pm they feed them. We got to watch the alligator eat 3 live mice. The big lizard ate 2 live mice and 2 handfuls of small gold fish. It was neat to watch! They had a mammoth there and a teepee that Riley stood in too. He loves looking at all the dinosaurs and walking around!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Four Generations

So while at Riley's birthday party, my dad remembered for us to take a 4 generation picture with my Grandma Parry. We did one with just Kaylynn and then one with Riley and Kaylynn. I do have a picture somewhere of my 4 generation picture with just Riley when he was a baby, but I'll have to go searching, and figured this one was just as good.

Birthday Party!

On Memorial Day we celebrated Riley's birthday with family. My parents came over from Duchesne and brought my Grandma Parry and we again had a BBQ, but this time Isaiah was there and not working. Riley had tons of fun playing with cousins, and seeing Papa, Nana, Auntie Ed, Auntie Kay, and great Grandma Parry. He got more gifts a car from the movie Cars from Austin and the movie BOLT and some bubbles from Kara and Clint. Maggie gave him $10 which he used to buy a Thomas the Train from Kmart. My parents got him a basketball hoop which he loves to play with, and so does his dad! I didn't get any pictures of the cake and ice cream, but I baked a cake and cup cakes. He didn't even want one cause he wanted to go play! Overall the party was great and we all had fun!