Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another update without photos..

So for those of you who haven't looked at my blog for a while I'm in school. Doing a nail Tech program. so far it's been tons of fun. Been kind of hectic with my schedule and kids and getting them a babysitter. I'm so grateful for my in law! So far we've done manicure, pedicures, and some acrylics. Tomorrow we're doing gel toes! I'm so excited for that part. It's been great fun. I'm much happier, and I feel like I'm doing awesome in my class. We are doing clients so if you want something done, speak up whenever and I'll let you know what days. So far things have been good as far as clients go. Everything is free if its done in class, cause that's the only time I can count hours unless it's for a dance or something. Otherwise I do charge for product, but it's not bad! I do have to say though that thru all this being gone every night, Kaylynn is sleeping better and acting better when I'm gone! It's SO nice. I do miss my kids but it's been good for some adult time! But life keeps going on with whatever! I will soon get some photos up of some nails and such that I've been doing. I'm getting better at sculpting, and everything else has been easy. I'm over 50 hours already, that means only 250 to go by the end of december! :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Generations

So this last sunday, AFTER my aunt sherra had gone back home, my aunt Donna and aunt Karen decided to bring my great grandmother down from Logan to see her daughter, my grandmother since she was moved into a retirement home a few weeks ago. It was total surprise. Not for all her kids and grandkids but for her. We had a BBQ at my parents house, and while there we took 5 generation pics. Cause 5 generations doesn't happen very often! These were all that was there to take 5 generation pics, but still, it's good to have!

Long weeks and busy days

Well the last few weeks have been WAY long and have started to get very busy. 2 weekends ago Riley got sick with some sort of stomach bug and was vomiting and dry heaving for 6 hours, and I happened to be at my parents, no so fun on both accounts. But I was grateful for my parents who helped me and to my dad and my uncle Carl who hold the preisthood and could give both me and Riley blessings to help. Kaylynn had a really hard time with it cause I tried to not touch her get to close to her or anything after I had been with Riley I didn't want to pass the virus. She was not happy and she was so tired, Tara managed to get her to sleep and since then she LOVES Tara. Would rather be held by her then me when she's around. I think it's nice :D

I didn't start school on the 30th like I thought I started the 7th. Still good, but I was sad we started so late. But this first week of school has been busy and fun. Crazy with getting babysitters for what night, and all that, but I'm grateful for in-laws who are willing to help us out with the kids! I did my first manicure last night, and gave one to Tara today! They are fun and easy, but I can't wait to get into acrylics and gels. :D But once I can start taking clients you'll be hearing from me!!

As far as the kids go, they are both good Kaylynn never got the virus, out of all of us. Isaiah got a cold and was down, on his days off though, and I was sick this week, still not feeling the greatest, but we'll see how things go. Riley is definately being a good sport about going to grandmas or Austy's for the evening, and Kaylynn is doing much better at it as well. Isaiah is now on a 6 month trial of 8am-6pm right now, which has been HEAVEN! I love being able to see him every night and have him home with the kids. I hope they decide to keep it, and not go back to rotating through the shifts. :D :D As for me, not much other then kids during the day, school at night. It's fun and good. I'm doing Weight Watchers with Tara and thus far I have lost 10 lbs and I don't know how many inches off my waist, but I'm feeling healthier!