Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 3

So technically we mostly hung out in California Adventure on the 3rd day. Isaiah got me to ride Screamin' California. ONCE AND ONLY ONCE. It was okay, and I can say I don't know that I would want to ride it again. He told me I wouldn't feel the loop but I sure did feel the loop. So that was my first roller coaster that I rode with a loop in it. I like certain coasters, like space mountain and thunder mountian and the matterhorn in Disneyland but bigger ones freak me out. We also rode the Grizzley river run which is a white water rapid ride. Not big but fun. I got soaked both times I rode it. The first time Eden and I rode it 3/4 of the people on it were from Utah. a newlywed couple from up north and 2 guys from St. George who happen to know the brother of our cousin's new wife! It was interesting. :D We also rode the HUGE ferris wheel and could almost see the ocean (if not for the smog) and we could see our hotel, but it was right across the street from the entrance.
We were going to see the World of Color show this night but they didn't have any more tickets :(
I was quite bummed. But it was still fun.

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