Sunday, May 22, 2011

Disneyland Day 4

On our final day before heading home we hit Disneyland in the morning and only got to ride 4 rides cause the lines were so long. We let Riley choose which ones he wanted to ride. The 4 rides were... The Matterhorn, Pirates, Space Mountain, and then Thunder Mountian. Yep all 3 coasters. He loved them.
After lunch we headed to Huntington Beach to see Isaiah's Aunt and Uncle, Robert and Janet Bryant, his mothers brother. They took us to the pier and there was a surfing competition going on and also a guy built this huge sand castle for his fiance to propose to her! It was cool. After walking the pier we headed to the state beach rather then the city beach. We played in the ocean and the sand and the kids loved it. Isaiah rode on a boogie board. The waves were HUGE! like 15 ft by the time we left. Robert and Janet brought things to BBQ.. well roast. We had hotdogs and smores. :D Chips and watermelon too. For Kaylynn everything was sand covered and she really didn't mind.
After we got back from the beach, Robert showed me his 1999 Corvette!! With less then 19,000 miles on it, and has never been rained on. It was awesome. He took me for a ride, then he let ME AND ISAIAH DRIVE IT! I loved it. He even told me to stomp the gas once to squeal the tires! It was awesome. :D
So overall our vacation was a success! Kids had loads of fun as did we. I'm very thankful my sister went with us it made it all that much easier. Hopefully we can go again in the future!

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