Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long overdue Update

Okay to say the lease I have neglected my blog terribly! TERRIBLY! My excuse is that I had a smart phone for quite a few months and so I didn't get on the computer as much. So need to say... I don't have a smart phone anymore and will try harder to update the good ol' blog

LOLRiley is getting taller and smarter every day. He is learning his letters and numbers and how to write them and recognize them. He can write his name and Kaylynn's all by himself. He does ask for help when he wants to write my name or Isaiah's. But he always tells me that 'A' is for mommy. :D lol He loves to play mariokart and my DS. I try to limit his time as much as I can cause I don't want him to be a junkie! lol. He is always telling me that he wants to go to school like his friend Zeke. So I know come next year for Kindergarten he'll do great!

Now Kaylynn, or as my dad likes to call her Lynnie, and it's definately sticking cause every other member of my family is calling her that too. She is now 2 years old almost 2 and 1/2! She is quite the big girl. Very independent. She isn't potty trained yet but we're getting there. She is quite ariculate though. She talks up a storm and is always concerned for everyone else and telling us all she loves us constantly. :D She loves to get herself undressed and dressed, plus wash her own hair and body in the shower or bath! She's much more independent then Riley ever was. She is just out sweet little princess and is doing great!

Both kids have done great over the summer with going to Daycare. They enjoy it quite a bit which i'm glad! Riley also played baseball this summer and loved it, Kaylynn was jealous. Isaiah played softball for the sheriff's dept and assisted the UHP team as well this summer. He enjoyed that too. Isaiah and I have been working and playing with our children. We didn't do much else for the summer. We did have a Palmer family reunion, which was more like the Bryant family reunion, cause the only family besides Isaiah's siblings that came was his mom's 2 brothers. But over all it was good. We did have pictures taken of the kids that I will post and we just did some family pictures but I will post those when Tasha has edited and gotten me copies! I really promise to try harder to keep this thing updated!

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Jessie said...

Aaahhhh!!! Your kids are SO stinkin' adorable! Riley is such a little charmer and Kaylynn is irresistible!!