Sunday, September 11, 2011

Appendix out

Well from the complaint blog from the other night at 1 am the pain never went away. I woke up Isaiah at 5 am for a blessing and then not 15 minutes later we were headed to the er. I finally found out the problem all along as to why I've had stomach pain over the years,My appendix was slowly enlarging. I guess none of the doctors thought of that one. So anyway arounc 7 am I went back for a CT scan with a contrast dye in it. It showed that my appendix was 11 cm, I think it was like doulbe the normal size one should be. So by 9 am I was back in surgery. I was so scared about getting sick after waking up from the anethesia but I didn't. I told them to do whatever possible to make it so I didn't throw up when I woke up. The last thing I remember was moving the the surgery bed and the anethesiologist but something to relax me he said in my IV and asking me is we played rascal flats it would be okay. I said yes and that the song that was playing was God Bless the broken road and that it was mine and my husbands song! he then put the oxygen mask over my face and from there I don't remember waking up in the recovery room at all. I just remember waking up hearing my mom say we'll be back and Isaiah watching MASH on tv. I was pretty out of it from the demorol  and meds, but I am feel so much better. Minus the c02 gas they blew my stomach up with and the site pain. So I'm okay and I am SO grateful that we finally found out the problem!

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