Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stomach pain

So here I am at 1:15 in the morning writing a post to tell all about my pain I'm in. Yes i'm sorry but my husband is sleeping and so is everyone else I could talk to about it so I'm blogging about it.

It all started clear back in 2004, the very first night I was alone at college I had all night stomach pain. Didn't know what it was, went away by the morning. It comes and goes whenever it feels like it. Ibuprofen makes it worse, or makes my stomach hurt in the first place. I can take a high dosage of pain meds and not have it help. I can be prescribed a narcotic and have it not help. I've had my galbladder tested and ultrasounded. I've been checked for a gluten intolerance, I've been checked and rechecked over and over and no answers for 7 freaking years. All I know is that it just comes and sometimes goes away with pain meds, most of the time I just have to ride it out for over 12 hours.. I'm going on 12 in the next 45 minutes of it still not going away.

I am plain miserable and so I can't sleep can't eat, and just over all hurt.. I really wish I knew what the problem was, but I can't find any doctor that can figure out the problem. But some day I hope this will go away, some day before I die or the 2nd coming comes...UGH Thanks all for listening!

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Jessie said...

I'm so sorry hun, I hope it goes away soon so you can get some much needed sleep.
Have they suggested ulcers or anything like that? My mom has them and they act up with soda, anything fizzy, and sometimes regular meds. I hope the docs can figure out what it is too. Maybe try a doctor someplace else? Provo? SLC? I know it's quite a drive but maybe they can figure out what your current doctors are missing? *hugs* Praying for sleep your way *hugs again*